Tonsils and adenoids (third tonsil) are the pile of immune cells which are found in lymphatic tissues.  These tissues are in the mouth and behind the medial lids respectively. Infection or enlargement of tonsils leads to sore throat, smelly breathing, deformity of teeth, abscess, and nose obstruction of upper airway and consequently inability of food digestion, snoring or chronic or frequent sleep apnea. Inflammation of adenoids makes them become larger. It also causes breathing problems, infection of the ear or other problems. Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy are the surgical methods to remove tonsils and adenoids. Although tonsillectomy is the most frequent operation among children, and their parents usually are easily satisfied with this surgery and even sometimes they themselves suggest physicians such an operation but there are only a few children who need this surgery. These are the children, who present symptoms such as frequent tonsils infection five or six times a year, snoring, smelly mouth breathing, decrease of hearing, not having enough weight, jaw changes and so on.