Chin Prosthesis
   Surgical chin beauty can include most of the beautiful appearance traits.


   Candidates of this surgery suffer from one of the following problems
  • Having concave chin
  • Having sharp of square chin
  • Projected nose
  • Fleshy and thick neck 
   Prosthesis operation changes the appearance a patient’s jaw; consequently it balances a big nose on a face. Chin implant is mostly done and accompanied with rhinoplasty to form the best beautiful outcomes. Besides, it makes the lip bigger and balances the features of the face.

Who are not recommended for chin beauty
  • Those who are healthily weak.
  • Those who expect illogical outcome of the surgery.
  • Those who has not taken Accutane in last six months (this medicine can affect the growth of the bones and make projection).
  • Those who suffer from heart disease or blood pressure.
  • Those who take anticoagulant medicine.

   What does the implant of the chin look like?
   Based on the materials used, the appearances of the chin implants are different. The appearance of some of today’s chin implants like Gore-Tex or silicon is similar to the wide chin sport helmet protector.