Fat injection

   Fat injection follows three reformative fundamental patterns on faces:
  • Volume addition and formation of the face by reformation of the volume     (fundamental changes of an old face to a young face means changes of volume and form of a face).
  • Second creation of natural and beautiful projections of cheeks and faces and creation of natural shadows on a face.
  • Forming a natural and beautiful eye framework. 

   People from 15 to 35 usually are experiencing changes in volumes of the soft tissues of the face because of reduction of tissues. Gravitation, contraction and reduction of volume, both of them, are involved in aging of faces between the ages of 35 to 45. The face of the youth is like a triangle or hearty form that the base of the triangle is up but the old faces are like a square and mostly quadrilateral. The role of the fat injection in changing a square face into a triangle face is fundamental. Reformations of a face with fan injection that lead to a renovation of a face are as follow: 
  • Second creation of a beautiful projection of a cheek.
  • Reformation of projected and sunken lines on the lower eyelid and other parts of the face.
  • Reformation of smile line.
  • Reformation of sunken temples and sometimes, if there is, under cheeks.
  • A little lifting the tail of an eyebrow.
  • Reformation of chins by mild protruding and reformation of lower jaw line.

   Most former candidates for lifting faces, at present, are replaced by fat injection. But sometimes, because of sever loosened skins, lift facing is needed with fat injection. Needed fat is usually provided from belly and leg areas and sometimes from sides or other areas. This is less recommended for athletes and thin people and those who already had wide surgeries on their belly; because lack of fat and scars on their bodies. Injection of fat is riskless of fat embolism because KANOLY by which fat is sucked is completely blunt (not sharp) and there is no probability of fat embolism; riskless. 

   Deep sedation is a way through which this surgery is done. It means deep anesthesia without inserting any tube in order to have the best form of surgery. It there is too much fat in the body of the patient, the surgeon prefers to suck more fat and maintain additional fat in freezers. Because the fat (kept in freezers) owns the same individual, it will not be rejected and it does not make such a problem.

    Absorption of fat greatly depends on:
  1. Fat provision method
  2. Fat injection metho

   If the method of fat provision hurts fat cells little, resistance of the fat is high. If the injection of fat is scientific, classic and done in different processes, the resistance of fat will be longer and it will be a part of the face tissue. It has less absorption. Nonetheless, repetition of fat injection is sometimes necessary. It is done by additional maintained fat. Today, one of the best and less injured methods of face renovation is injection of fat. Asking for this method is growing and many other methods are replaced by it.