Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
   Carpal tunnel is a narrow duct that its width is as a finger width. It is under wrist. This canal supports the median nerve and finger tendons that bend the fingers.

Signs and Symptoms
Carpal tunnel syndrome slowly begins with, smarting, itching, and numbness of hand palms and fingers. The complications of the disease are usually more sever at night. It disturbs the sleep of infected people. Most of the patients think if they jerk their hands, they get rid of the complications. 
   Progression of carpal syndrome of the wrist causes the complications to be seen on days. They are more severe when patients hold heavy things like a book or a hair brush. If the pressure remains on the hand nerve for a long time, it can lead to resistance numbness and the weakness of the hand. The patients may also drop things unexpectedly or show weakness in getting them.