Rotator Cuff

   Rotator Cuff Torn Reason
   Rotator cuff tear might be caused by a sudden strike to the shoulder that makes an individual suffer a pain for several months. Nonetheless, most of the tears are formed by several years of light frequent strikes. The main reason of these strikes is malfunctioning with shoulder and disregarding principles of working with upper organs. Many physical activities in which the hand is raised put great pressure on shoulder and rotator cuff. It can cause the cuff tear in a long period of time. Some of the sports that can cause this tear are baseball, tennis, weight lifting and paddling.  

   The symptoms of the disease are:
  • The severity of the pain is increased when an individual raises his/her hand and after a period of time the sufferer cannot raise his/her hand above the head. Many routine activities like combing hair are very difficult in this situation. 
  • Aching of the shoulder when bringing down the hand when over the head.
  • Nightly pain
  • Weakening and atrophy of muscles around the shoulder.
  • Feeling weak when putting up the hand.
  • Making a noise when shaking the shoulder.