Injuries of Ulnar nerve

   Symptoms of ulnar nerve injuries
  • Reduction or lack of sensation of hand palm of little finger and inner part of wedding finger.
  • When the injuries are chronic, the skin of these areas might be dry and nails might be deformed.
  • Wounds or burnings might be formed in these fingers because of a nerve disorder.
  • Adductor paralysis of the thumb, forefinger problems when nearing the thumb.
  • Another test for these patients is asking them removing and nearing fingers from each other. This cannot be done because ulnar paralysis has made the muscles between the bones paralysis.
  • Atrophy and weakness of the muscle between thumb and hand palm are the signs of ulnar paralysis.
  • When the ulnar nerve paralysis is on elbow or arm, (except the mentioned reasons of bending paralysis of muscles of second and third fingers and the bending muscle of the wrist on the side of ulnar), bending of fourth and fifth fingers is facing with disorders.