Torn meniscus
   Meniscus is a part of a cartilage of a knee that makes its infrastructure and resistance as well. Meniscus supports the bones not to be eroded or fractured. But what all happens to tear a meniscus of a knee is a knee twist. In some cases, a part of a meniscus is torn, broken or loosened and it has been dropped in knee that leads to a locked knee. 


   Torn meniscus is usual in collision sports like football and non-collision sports that need leaping like volleyball and basketball. Torn meniscus can be happened when an individual suddenly changes his/her direction when running. This rupture is usually accompanied with other disorders like anterior cruciate ligament disorder (ACL).

   Signs of torn meniscus are as follows:
  • Pain in the knee
  • Inflammation
  • Feeling of tearing when receiving the disorder
  • Difficulty in bending and unbending the knee
  • Inclination of a knee to be liked 
   At first, this pain might not be so bad. You may even play when injured. But when it is inflamed your knee is completely injured.