Cruciform (Flexor tendon and nerve repair)
   One of the most frequent injuries of a knee is elongation or rupture of (anterior) crossover (cruciate) ligament that is usually happened in active sports like football and volleyball. 

   Clinical Symptoms of Anterior Crossover Ligament Rupture
   A sudden sound like a tearing of something in the knee is felt when it is being torn; and the individual may feel that his\her leg goes off his/her body and it is unstable. After 24 hours, a severe pain with inflammation is felt after tearing. It leads to the reduction of range of motion. In many cases, after the tearing of ligament, a lot of blood is accumulated in knee joint which is called hemarthrosis.
   If there is not any proper therapy, pain and inflammation and movement limitation get better after several months automatically. But because of the left torn ligament, the knee will be unstable and the patient suffers knee twists how often which is followed by knee inflammation and painful.