Umbilical hernia 
   Gut Protrusions from abdominal wall near the navel is called umbilical hernia. This disorder is usually more frequent in children less than six months but it can be seen in adults as well. Umbilical hernia is disappeared when a baby is one year old; however, it takes to be disappeared and cured longer in some cases. If umbilical hernia is not cured until 3-year old or seen in adulthood, it needs a surgery to prevent complications. 


  • Soft tissue protrusion around the navel 
  • Umbilical hernia can be seen in children when crying or coughing
  • Infants’ umbilical hernia is usually painless but it causes abdominal pain in adults.

   Umbilical hernia reasons
  • Involvement of a part of gut in hernia sack and reduction of gut blood flow that causes a disorder in gut functioning; and if the blood flow stops, it leads to a tissue death which is called gangrene. 
  • There is a possibility of internal abdominal infection which is followed by gangrene. Lack of treatment may infect the abdominal cavity and causing death.

   When you should visit a doctor
  • When a baby suffers from navel pain
  • When a baby vomits
  • Inflammation and discolor of the navel