Thyroglossal cyst
   Thyroglossal duct is known as a defect or disease during birth. It is formed during the fetal growth of thyroid gland. Primarily, it is formed on the base of the tongue and then moved toward the neck through thyroglossal duct. When thyroid is placed on its final position, this duct will be disappeared. Some parts of the duct are sometimes not disappeared. They make little sacks which are called cysts. These cysts can be filled with mucus and led to enlargement and infection during one’s life; they are manifested as thyroglossal cysts. These cysts are the most frequent lumps which are posited on the midline of the neck. They can move throughout the thyroid moving pathway. It can be from the base of the tongue till the mid notch of the neck and the notch of the upper sternum. The complications of the cysts can be infection, fistulae and in special cases cancers. 


  • More than half of the cases are symptomless and are not diagnosed even in adults.
  • The  most frequent lumps can be seen in midline of the neck and under the hyoid bone.
  • Sore throat and difficulty in swallowing are seen in some individuals.