In cataract surgery
   There are many reasons for cataract. Cataract begins with lens blur blink and with increased blur and turbid of the lens, eyesight will be problematic.


   The reasons of out breaking of this disease are:
  • Senility (the most frequent)
  • Strike to the head that caused lens nutrition disorder
  • Ionizing radiation (x ray), Gamma ray caused by old TV sets
  • Long term exposure to the sunlight (UV radiation)
  • Diabetics
  • Eye and lens strike
  • Malnutrition
  • Long-term use of medicines like Corticosteroid medication

   Symptoms of cataract can be:
  • Strabismus: blurry vision which is usually more happened in bright light. For the first time, it begins when watching the light of the cars at night like a halo.
  • Getting blur and milky white of the pupils