Stys are manifested like an inflamed lump which is sensitive, red and painful near the edge of eyelids. In fact, it is a little abscess with a yellow tip. It is formed by infection or inflammation of eyelashes roots or lipid secretive glands of the eyelids. One of the reasons of stys is an infective bacterium which is named staphylococcus. It is infected with dirty hands. 

   Signs and symptoms
  • Causing a red projected painful lump on the edge of eyelid
  • Feel heaviness and eyelid pain
  • Smarting, itching and tearing
  • Sometimes infection secretion from stys 
  • Blurring vision: blurring vision is not the usual causes of stys but it a sty is big, it put pressure on cornea and cause astigmatism and blurring of vision

   chanazion is the other tumor of the edge of the eyelids that, at first, is like a sty. Chalazion is a little lump on the edge of the eyelid under the skin which is formed by duct obstruction of lipid secretion and accumulation of secretion materials.