Reversion of lower eyelid edge outward is called Ectropion. It makes the eye and its mucus expose to the air and consequently dried eye happens. In this situation, one gets tearing and cleaning the eye makes it drier. 


   What are the symptoms of Ectropion?
    Irritation, feeling of having gravels in eyes, susceptibility of sensitivity, inflamed eye-fervent and red, tearing

   How ectropion is diagnosed?
This disease is diagnosed through a simple eye exam done by an oculist. 

   Or turning inward is a disease which is formed by turning of the eyelid inward and consequently the eyelashes are placed on the cornea. It is sometimes inherited especially in sheep. 

 Disease symptoms
 stickiness of eyes, infection formation, stickiness of eyelashes.  Eye irritation (inflammation, redness, pain and tearing) which is formed by rubbing that causes the eyelid turns in the eye and by rubbing eyelashes on the cornea. The disease may lead to a torn cornea of permanent blindness.