Varicocele is an abnormal vasodilatation and twist of venous plexus (venous) upper part of testicles. Its outbreak is rare under ten but it is seen in 15% of 15-year old matured and 20% to 40% in infertile men. 70% of its outbreak can be seen in secondary referred infertile men who were childbearing before. 90% is on left side and 10% is on both sides. The reason of this phenomenon is the longer length of evacuating blood vein of the left testicle to kidney vein; it is also because of its more vertical angle than the right testicle. This vein is removed in this surgery.


   This disease can be symptomless but some of it signs are as follows
  • The pain is sharp and recognizable or complicated .
  • The pain can be more with standing and exercise activity.
  • The pain is more in daytime and it is less when lying down on waist.