Renal Stones
   Renal stones (urethras stones) are said to the stones which are formed in every part of the urinary tract. Urethra stones are different and are generally named to the problematic are. They are painless or painful. There are different kinds of urinary stones, colle stone, pelvis stone, ureter stone, kidney stone and bladder stone. 


   What is kidney stone?
  • Colle stone: sometimes the stone is formed at the beginning of colle duct and it has no movement.
  • Pelvic stone: when a colle stone cannot move from sticking area of ureter toward pelvic, it is called pelvic stone.
  • Ureter stone: 5-milileter small stones are removed after entering ureter, but if they are larger, they are stuck in ureter and called ureter stones. 
  • Bladder stone: lack of ureter stones passing entered the bladder forms bladder stone. It is more frequent in boys.
  • Stones: gradual growth of colle stones or pelvic stones forms these stones.