General questions
   - What is health tourism?
   Health tourism can be defined as traveling to other countries in order to use their treatment services. Generally speaking, any kind of travel which cause one’s health improvement, can be called health tourism.

   Health tourism is divided in 3 main branches:

   1- Medical tourism
This travel generally is for disease treatment or surgeries in medical centers like hospitals and clinics in countries with highly advanced medical equipment, as well as suitable prices.

   2- Curative tourism
 Curative tourism can be defined as traveling countries with natural resources and services for treatment under supervision of a doctor. These resources and curative services include; hot spas, salt lakes, sunshine, mud therapy, massage, herbaceous bath, and beautiful, clean and peaceful nature for patients with skin, breathing, rheumatology, and muscular diseases, or recovery period after treatment or surgeries.

   3- Wellness tourism
 wellness tourism can be defined as a trip in order to gain peace of mind and refreshment, far from everyday stresses without a doctor’s supervision. Normally these tourists have no physical problem, and mostly looking for enjoying nature and landscapes, far from urban noise and pollution. One of the privileges and attractions for curative tourism in Iran is water therapy. There are more than 1000 mineral spas in Iran. Hotels in forests, deserts, beaches and hills can be named as another attraction for wellness tourism. 

   - What are Iran’s advantages toward therapeutic services?
   Iran has a 5000 years’ background toward medical science and known as one of the origins of this science during history with remarkable physicians like; Ibn Sina, Zakaria Razi and many others. Even nowadays Iranian doctors are well-known all around the world. Medical centers in Iran have proficient doctors, as well as up to date medical equipment. Wide range of advanced treatment, made Iranians dispense of traveling to other countries regarding this matter. Besides of all these, decreasing rate of Rial compare to USD in recent years, made treatment expenses so cheap for foreign patients and tourists. Also, wide medical network of specialists and health centers in Iran, provided immediate and short-time treatment period, without any waste of time for patients in waiting list. Because of continual presence of foreign patients in Iran during recent years, our professional translators are always ready to serve our dear patients in the best way.

   - What’s the advantages of using your services?
   Free medical and tourism consulting with our experts before and during your travel and treatment, decreasing expenses, being treated by creditable specialists, treatment schedule, and reserving all medical appointments are just some examples of advantages regarding using our services. Finally, Baharteb Arvand provides you a planned journey, with best quality of treatment, and least expenses, decrease your concerns toward this matter.

   - Is it possible that someone use only some of your services instead of all of them?
   Yes, as you share your request, we will provide you the list of our services. So you, depend on your needs, can choose any kind of services which you find suitable.

   - Is there any VIP services?
   Yes. VIP services have been provided regarding all mentioned services, like medical centers, luxury hotels and restaurants ant etc., depending on your inclination.