Medical questions

   - Are therapeutic services in Iran reliable and under supervision?
   Yes, medical council organization of Islamic republic of Iran, as an independent organization, with experienced doctors and the goal of supporting patient’s right and considering complains, is in charge of supervision toward medical services in the whole country. Baharteb Arvand’s activities are under control and supervision of related organizations toward health tourism in Iran.

   - Are curative services in Iran, advanced?
   Yes, reliable and experienced Iranian doctors by having modern medical equipment are able to do every kind of treatment and complicated surgeries.

 - What kinds of treatment health tourists who come to Iran choose mostly?
   Based on statistics, foreign patients in Iran mostly are applicant for cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, orthopedics, and other kinds of surgery, as well as other matters like infertility, dentistry, traditional medicine, and general checkup.

   - can we counsel with you before deciding to travel to Iran?
   Yes, before travel, after sending your documents and disease description, as well as medical history documents, you can take advantage of free consulting with our specialist, so we can choose the best treatment for you. By sharing your treatment information regarding your request and other services like medical and tourism services, you can be well-informed about your treatment’s approximate expenses.

   - How I will e supported during my treatment procedure?
   From the moment of your arrival until your departure, your travel and treatment will be under our supervision, and depending on your request, a guide, a translator, and a driver will keep your company during all this procedure. Also Baharteb Arvand Co. Will control the quality of offered services in case of facing any kind of problem will solve it for you.

- Do you offer any kind of services after treatment and recovery period? 
   Doubtlessly. Recovery period is part of your treatment procedure. Communicating with you and your doctor until the end of your treatment procedure and following up your healing process is our duty. Furthermore, you can use our curative services for resting, being far from everyday stresses, breathing clear air, enjoying beautiful nature and natural treatment under doctors’ supervision in your recovery period.