Questions regarding tourism and financial matters
   - Is Iran a suitable place for tourism and recreation?
   Yes, Iran is a country with 5000 years of history which turned it to one of the 5 most ancient cultures in the world. This ancient background made Iran as one of the greatest cultural and historical hubs in the world and based on UNESCO’s declaration, Iran is one of the 10 tourist countries in the world, also, variable climate and nature, different types of beaches, vast deserts and high mountains, as well as reach culture and history, made Iran to be receptive of more than 5 million tourists annually, even in years of political sanctions.

 - If I travel to Iran for treatment and travel without using your services, wouldn’t my expenses be fewer?
   No, because first, some of our services like, consulting, reserving appointment with doctors, and considering your treatment procedure will be free, and second, most of your expenses like treatment, staying in hotel, city transfer, and other services’ costs will be provided for you with discount in expenses. Unfortunately, some profiteer people beside of providing services with no quality and expensive costs, abuse travelers who don’t have enough information. Using Baharteb Arvand services with fair expenses and high quality, provides you a safe trip.

   - How can I be informed about my travel and treatment expenses? 
   By filling our form of primary information in “contact us” section in our website, we will send you approximate expenses regarding your travel and treatment.

 - Is there any control on treatment prices in Iran?
   Yes, ministry of health in Iran has full supervision on treatment expenses. So doctors based on their level of speciality and health centers based on their scientific level equipment level and other effective factors will be rated by ministry of health’ experts, and their treating expenses will be specified and available for everyone. Doctors and health centers are bound to obey these legal rates.

 - What is Iran’s currency? Is currency exchange an easy job in Iran? Is it possible to spend USD in Iran?
   Iran’s currency is “Rial”. So from the moment of your arrival, you can easily access to country exchange departments in airport. Shopping centers and even in your hotel. You can spend USD in mentioned centers as well.