Iran is one of the remarkable countries in the matter of medical and tourism. Nowadays it turned to a well-known land in order to gain the attention of so many people for traveling.
     Iran has an ancient medical history. There were so many important scientists during history in this land, which we can point to great men like Mohammad Zakaria Razi and Ibn E Sina who prepared a great intrigue for future progresses in the world.
      It is remarkable to say that in 30 recent years Iran succeed to achieve great advances in so many fields of medical subject. In continue we will point to some more important achievements in medical field:
-    Producing a powerful Fibrin glue in 30 / 70 and 90 densities.
-    Using laser in producing artificial skin and using natural polymers in it.
-    Producing artificial windpipe by using embryonic stem cells of the needed person.
-    Designing 3D images for medical issues for exact diagnose.
-    Producing four new medicines for MS, SPC illnesses, and Hepatitis.
     Above cases are just a small part of huge improvements of this country in medical ground.
    In tourism aspect, Iran was always a suggestible choice for so many people in the world for traveling and enjoying pleasant weather, different natural sources for medical needs, like hot and cold springs, salt therapy, sand therapy, mud therapy, forests, and so many other phenomena.
     On the other hand, the most important reason of choosing Iran, as a wise choice, is advanced medical system concordant to other jutting countries in the world, but by having the benefit of cheap expenses compare to them.

     Based on all mentioned matters, Iran proudly could gain the attention of the world by having advanced and various medical expert knowledge toward dentistry, all fields of surgery, pharmaceutical, and in the same time incredible cheap expenses, compare to all other countries, and having various tourism attractions and being the best choice for all sagacious people in the world in matter of Medical Tourism.