What is health tourism?
     Health tourism (UN-WTO) can be defined as the process of traveling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care. This is a kind of tourism that increased so much in Iran these days and every year so many tourists coming to Iran for this purpose. But it is important to say that medical tourism has a very short precedent in Iran. In fact, it started from year 2003 for the first time in this country. First, this matter became important for health ministry because of some other aspects, like entrepreneur, but later tourism became bold.
     Among all definitions of “Health tourism”, it finally comes to 3 main categories:
1.    Wellness tourism: traveling to villages and places with spa and etc…, without a doctor.

2.    Curative tourism: traveling to villages and places with spa and etc…, with a doctor.

3.    Medical tourism: Traveling in order to do surgeries or medical treatment.

wellness and curative tourism trips:
Cold spa, Water therapy:
cold spa therapies are becoming increasingly popular in the world. The health benefits of these therapies range from alertness to increased circulation to a stronger immune system. Going from hot to cold is a shock to the nervous system. The initial shock causes blood vessels to constrict and then expand once the body reaches its normal temperature. The process helps to increase circulation, rid the body of toxins, and boost the immune system, which can help fight off colds and allergies. This type of treatment has also been used by athletes for some time now to help reduce swelling and ease aches and pains

Hot spa, Water therapy:
Soaking in a hot spring need not be solely reserved for a relaxing vacation or a weekend getaway. These mineral-rich baths offer a slew of natural health benefits you may not know about. The healing powers of hot springs have been used for thousands of years and are widely accepted in Europe and Japan as natural treatment options for various common ailments. The therapeutic use of water, or balneotherapy, could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to relieving pain, stress, skin woes and more.
  •  Boosts Blood Circulation
  •  Reduces Stress, Promotes Sleep
  •  Relieves Pain, Naturally
  •  Solves Skin Problems
  •  Before You Soak

Mud therapy:

Mud is an important element of nature. It contains important minerals which have positive effects on human health. Mud can absorb toxins from human body therefore is very useful in preventing many diseases. It is also known for its healing properties. It also helps in cooling and relaxing body as it can hold moisture for a long time.  

Benefits of Mud therapy are:
  •     It relaxes muscles and improves blood circulationIt maintains metabolism rendering positive impact on digestion
  •     It is useful in conditions of inflammation/ swelling and relieves pain
  •     It is a good hair conditioner and is good for skin
  •     It is useful in condition of stiff joints

Salt therapy:
For centuries, people have trusted the benefits of salt therapy to relieve respiratory illnesses, improve skin conditions and strengthen their immune systems. Today, people of all ages can benefit from the natural healing properties found through halotherapy – salt therapy to help with.
  •     Asthma treatment
  •     Seasonal allergies
  •     Bronchitis
  •     Sinus infections, sinusitis
  •     Emphysema
  •     Cystic Fibrosis
  •     Whooping Cough
  •     Ear Infection
  •     Tonsillitis

Sand therapy:
As you know, many diseases are treated with heat. It can be applied using a variety of physiotherapeutic apparatus. But lately very popular natural materials. It is believed that their effect on the body somewhat "softer" and fizjologiczne. These are the qualities of ordinary sand, if it is heated to a certain temperature. Noticeable that this method of treatment is old as the world.
Psammotherapy (from the Greek word "psammo", which means sand), well-known since the time of Ancient Egypt. Even then treated many diseases, just... burying person in the sand. Now such a sand bath practice in the resort hospitals. Using the hot sand used to treat many of the diseases of musculoskeletal system: scoliosis, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism. Helps psammotherapy and in the treatment of neurological diseases: neuritis, radiculitis, neuralgia. Treat hot sand and inflammatory diseases of ovaries and uterus. All known method of the grandmother incandescent sand followed by driving a handful in the handkerchief, and the application of such a "heater" the bridge of the nose suffering from a cold.